Week 3 – Selling Books

From the very beginning, the week has been bad. Although I had built up a good amount of capital, the book market this week just wasn’t that good. So I picked up some fairly mediocre books, but didn’t spend all of my money.

I bought 9 books, for ₹20 each, and spent ₹52 on transport, which means I am left with ₹68.

Selling did not go well, I did not manage to sell even one book to a passerby, and I’ll admit I also didn’t spend much time doing it this week. At the beginning of the week, I sold one book for ₹40 to the same shopkeeper I gave the Benediction to. Thankfully, this one was sold, and by the end of the week, he bought another one from me.

Now, I am left with ₹140. I am low on capital, and to get more money, I have to sell some books from my stock.