Shattered Glass

Problem With Packaging

I have my products ready and they’re up for sale on my website. However, making a sale is one part of the process, after an order is made I have to get the product to the customer. In cases where the customer is close by, I can deliver products myself but for more distant customers, I need to rely on a courier service.

The Challenge of Transporting Glass Bottles

I partnered with a postal service provider from the market closest to my home. He told me that I would have to ensure that my glass bottles are securely packed and don’t break while transportation, or that I should use plastic bottles. I do not wish to compromise on good presentation, and I also have an aim of being eco-friendly with my business. Glass is fully recyclable, which gives it an edge over plastic.

The person running the postal service told me about a place where I can find thermocol cases for my bottles. Such cases would secure my bottles, and make them safe for shipping. Unfortunately, I could not find the right cases for my bottles. I went back to him the next day with the news. We talked about suitable packaging methods for a while, then he referred me to a factory that manufactured customized cardboard boxes. I went to the factory, and talked a representative. The price he quoted was too high, so I had to look for other ideas.

Finding The Right Idea

I searched some packaging ideas on the internet. I saw what Amazon sellers do, and what some other people were doing. I asked the postal service if a bottle wrapped in bubble wrap, and packed in a rolled corrugated paper would work. They agreed to the idea, and I went out in search of materials.

I was told where the market is, but it took a few misdirections until I finally found the right place. The packaging material turned out to be really cheap, and I was happy to have found what I went out in search of. Getting the material home was a bit of a challenge, the photo below explains why.

Tying packaging material to scooter

Packing material tied to my scooter

Riding with packaging material behind me, Vikram Rudhraksh

Mission accomplished