Considering Adding Preservatives : Contemplating After Feedback

I gave samples of my Hair oil, and Hair Wash Powder to a few friends of mine. Everybody seemed to like both products, and most even want to buy now. One friend however, provided some valid criticisms which I too was expecting.
She said that the Hair Wash Powder made her hair dry, and I too faced that after using it. I wasn’t sure if it was only me who had the problem, because no one else talked about it.

Apart from that, she said it is also hard to spread to all her hair. As a person with short hair, I never had that problem, and if I am going to sell this product to women, I have to take this problem into consideration. It can not to be too difficult to apply.

Now to solve that problem, I can add a few ingredients, and make the product water based. Doing that however, would mean that the shelf life would come down drastically. In order to be able to produce and sell the product, the velocity of sales has to be high. I should be able to sell the hairwash as soon as it is made, and my customers will have to use it withing a few weeks. That is not realistic. The only other way that I have in mind to solve this problem is the use of preservatives. And if those preservatives are chemicals, I will have to strike off the “Chemical Free” label from the hair wash.

I researched on the internet, and there are some natural preservatives that I can use. I have to study more, and understand how each preservative works, but the most viable options are chemicals. If I do end up using chemicals, I can have a much wider range of products, but I don’t want to sacrifice on the “No Chemicals” principle.

I might be being too stubborn here. Maybe I can have 2 separate line of products with some chemicals in it, or create a completely different brand for products with some chemicals in them. For now, I will research more, explore my options, and see what can be done to make my products better.